2017 Motif Best Of Awards

Thanks to you, we’ve been nominated as Best Blues Act of the year!


Now, we know what you’re thinking-  “Gumption and Glory isn’t really a blues act…” and yeah, that was our first thought, too.  But, honestly, we don’t know how we should be classified either-  we write all of our own tunes, and we’ve been told that we’re a little bit too alt-country to be called RnB, a bit too soul to be called Americana, and what do you do with that rocksteady and reggae that keeps slipping in?

So, Blues it is.    Blues, as a genre, has a long history of embracing all of those above elements under it’s welcoming wings, and like any good blues song, we’re ultimately just hoping to make you feel something – in your heart, in your head, in your feet, maybe all at once.  And so, yeah, Blues it is.

Anyway, now for your part- we’d love for you to support us by casting a vote for us as Blues Act of the Year, (and support so many other great RI bands, while you’re at it).
You can do that here http://motifri.com/2017music/

Thank you so much, thank you for your continued support, and keep an eye and ear out for our new record, due out later this Spring.

The G&G crew-

Liz, Nick, Will, Collin, Marco, Scott, and Ray

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