Gumption and Glory is a band that explores soulful music in all of its forms.   The band performs a diverse and dynamic range of original songs, and will jump seamlessly from a massive old school R&B inspied tune, featuring it’s 3 piece horn section, to a stripped and powerful roots country song, to a butt-moving, uptempo reggae rocker, and then to a simmering, scalding bluesy grind.

Gumption and Glory is a project created to reflect the richly varied and diverse musical careers of its members, and especially that of its founder, Ray Gennari.   The band was born from the belief that musicians shouldn’t have to restrict themselves to one genre. Rather, their best work is created when they embrace all of their influences and loves, and simply create Music.

Ray’s musical career has taken him from trombone player with the legendary Roomful of Blues horn section, to bass and trombone player on over 20 releases for various international reggae artists,  to bass player for many classic and timeless soul artists, such as the Drifters, Temptations, and Marvelettes.   Throughout his career, Ray has also been guitar, trombone, bass or keyboard player in over one hundred New England bands, spanning musical genres from symphonic, to country, to punk.

Rounding out the recordings, and making up the live band, is a group of musicians whose resumes are no less impressive on their own. Each member brings the fruits of his and her own musical journeys to create the Gumption and Glory sound.

The result is a band and music that may be difficult to define as any specific style, but simply believes that music should be soulful, dynamic, and fun.

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